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Pre 1947 and pre 1920 Siver

A mixture of both pre 1947 and pre 1920 British silver coins - This is typical of circulated George V and George VI British silver coinage, the kind of stash that many people gathered in the 1960s when the coins in circulation were slowly replaced with the new decimal issue.

Pre 1920

Pre 1920 coins are made of sterling (.925 fine) Silver - even Victorian and earlier coins are often so worn that their value is just as items of silver, unless they are a special date or variety. Items of jewellery and anything else made of silver is also purchased.

Re-assuring knowledge

Argentum Coins Ltd are proper coin dealers. We have decades of experience and also a huge library of books on British and world coins.

We purchase foreign silver

An American silver 'Peace' dollar, one of the most common bullion foreign coins. Other common foreign silver coins include those from Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Australia, South Africa, plus many other countries; all of which have coins of varying fineness and weight.

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Specialist in the purchase of British pre 1947 silver coins
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Selling your silver coins/items

Check the 'Some information' page first to read about which coins contain silver.

Generally, the most common types of silver coins in the UK are 1920 to 1946 British silver coins of the denominations: half crown, florin (two shillings), shilling, sixpence and to a lesser degree also the small silver threepences. These coins feature either King George V, or his son, King George VI. Pre 1920 coins contain more silver so should be listed separately and with the usual denominations listed above, may also include the larger crown denomination.

Generally the best way to get your coins to us is by post. The Royal Mail Special Delivery service is guaranteed next day and is also insured up to £500 by default (extra insurance cover is also available). For larger lots we would be pleased to make a personal visit. Please don't send coin unsolicited, without dropping us a line first.

If you have silver coins/items to sell, please email a rough outline or a list to

Or call 020 308 69996


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